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Creativity is a given, loathed talent to possess as a person.  But could it be built as we go on in life?  Absolutely, positively yes.  Like anything we do, we need to start somewhere in what we are poised and destined to accomplish through our story.  The cavemen used sticks and shrubs to start a fire in the beginning.  They were inspired to use their creativity to better themselves and others in their community.  Did they stop there since the sticks made life a little cooler?  The sun never stays still.  Life goes on and so have we.  It is realized that everyone’s mission is to create something from the personal experiences and travels. The end product may be tangible, a first-rate service, or a personal trait.  At the end of the day, whatever was created from something is always passed down and you may never know it.

THIS IS WHAT CAMPUSMOB IS ABOUT.  We are taking all of our diversity/background and bringing them together into a creative hub to make businesses and communities run smoothly.  Take Silicon Valley for an example.  Why is that parchment of land produces the simplest, most innovative ideas the world has seen?  Every inspiration has been passed from us into a contagion to another.  

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YEP…We are that crazy.

We dedicated our lives in the frigid tundra.  

Luckily, no one died.

"Clear eyes, full hearts."

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What is CampusMob???

CampusMob connects college students that want REAL world experience with REAL business projects that solve REAL world business scenarios.

Projects are powered by our first and primary client:

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